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Chicken Force

Chicken Force is a humorous arcade shooter. Here you can try yourself as a chicken hunter and it will be not so easy. You will not find normal chicken in this...

Crystal of Life

Main hero of the game is young student of sorceress. To be initiated as a magician, he must undergo the tests, prepared to him by sorceress.

In the game...


Main hero of this game makes a bet with his friends that he can go up to Fujiyama using paths unknown or closed to the tourists. By the legends masters of martial...

FatMan Adventures

The game puts you in control of a real cute creature named FatMan who is, to say, not that fat and definitely far from being lazy. A devoted treasure hunter,...

College Girls

You have met a College girl and she is pretty good to make love with. But your sexual experience is not good enough, so the girl wants you to get more experienced...

Springy SPRINGY is funny and interesting arcade game.

Your hero - elastic Springy has to reach the end of the level with the maximum quickness. It has also to collect all apples in...

Egypt Mystery The whole action of the game takes place in Egypt. Your hero explores Great Pyramids to find ancient treasure. He will meet different monsters like mummies, big scorpions, and...

Ace of Wars

Legend: Action of the game takes place in a close future. All contentions between peoples of the Earth were finished long ago, for a new...

Magic Dragon

He thought to be the last Dragon now living in the world and he has to survive. So he has to cross a lot of enemy lands to find a place where his race lives to...